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How The House I Lived In Paid For My First Rental Property

I knew I wanted to buy rentals, but I could not find the perfect property or the perfect time. I was also worried about using all the money I had worked to save on one property and then not knowing how I would save all that money again.

I was also not sure if rentals were a good investment. I had convinced myself they were the route to take, but other people kept telling me not to buy one—even other real estate agents who should have known they were a great investment.

Eventually, I convinced myself it was time to invest. I was tired of seeing my money stagnate in the stock market, tired of not having control of my life, and tired of knowing I would have to scrimp and save for 30 years to have a chance at getting ahead with my current investments.

Here’s what I did…

This post originally appeared at InvestFourMore.