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How Web3 Is Transforming The Real Estate Market

The advent of Web 3.0–a new era of the Internet which uses blockchain technology to transform how information is stored, shared, and owned–is one of the most exciting technological prospects of our time. Where some skeptics believe that a less centralized internet poses a threat to privacy and even security, those of us who welcome the Web3 era believe that it will make for a truly democratic web that counteracts the problem of identity theft with encrypted wallets, allows freedom of speech for everybody, and gives its users a voice on their favorite networks.

Regardless of where one stands on Web3, its relevance to the real estate market can be a difficult thing to wrap one’s head around. While the connection between something as intangible as bitcoin and as solid as a home might not seem clear at first, Web3 is poised to have profound impacts on the way we purchase and invest in real estate.

Here are five of the major opportunities that Web3 offers the forward-thinking real estate investor.

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