Moving Patterns And Housing Trends For 2021 And Beyond


Mortgage rates at historic lows and a lack of available inventory are sustaining the US housing market’s demand. While affordability worries continue to grow, low mortgage rates, increased savings, and a strengthening job market all contribute to making homeownership more accessible to a wide number of potential buyers. Will the housing market, on the other hand, ever crash? Consider the most current trends and home market forecasts for the years 2021 and 2022.

This year’s housing market has been unusually healthy, with strong demand for houses in almost every region of the country. In the midst of this pandemic, the real estate market has emerged as a bonanza for sellers and a cause of concern for purchasers. For many years, home prices have increased in the mid-single digits. Recent moving prices increases in the double digits are a result of the confluence of extraordinary demand and chronically low supply. Prices are growing as a consequence of ample liquidity and very cheap borrowing rates.

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This article originally appeared at MoneyMiniBlog.