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How To Pay For College With Real Estate…

real estate

real estateI don’t have kids, but I have a massive family.  My 4 brothers have produced 10 nieces and nephews… and my girlfriend has another 5 nieces and nephews on her side of the family.

Like I said, a big family.

With 3 kids already through or in college and another 12 to go, my head spins at the combined cost of education.

I used this simple college cost estimator to run some quick numbers… and what I found was staggering.

Total costs to attend a 4 year college range from $108,000 to $140,000… and that’s for in-state tuition.  If they want to go out of state or to a private college… those numbers easily double.

My back of the envelope math shows total college cost for this next generation is going to run north of $1,640,000!

YES – More than $1.6 million.

So how do you pay for it all?

Well, first you save and invest every penny you have.  Then you push the kids to get scholarships, grants, and save themselves for college.

But is that enough?

While doing some research, I stumbled across this interesting article about using real estate to pay for college.

Here’s the article:  How to Save For College With Real Estate Investing

Here’s the link:

The key takeaway… you CAN pay for your kids college with real estate.  He even gives real world examples… it’s a great read!

Good Investing,