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Too Early For Taxes?



I don’t know about you, but taxes are always on my mind.

You see, most “working men” don’t look at their paychecks closely.  They don’t see the taxes the federal, state, and local governments are stealing from their pocketbooks.

I can’t tell you how many times I asked someone how much they paid in taxes and the response I got was a jaw dropping… I got a refund.

What most working men don’t get is the REFUND is an OVERPAYMENT of taxes… they still coughed up a big chunk of cash.  But because it was death by a thousand deductions… and the money was taken in small chunks every week, they don’t see the impact.

Do some simple math and you’ll throw-up in your mouth over what you pay in taxes.  

It’s disgusting!

That’s why I like investing in Real Estate.

If you own real estate, you get some nice tax deductions… and here’s an interesting article about that very topic.

The article is called: 5 Important Tax Benefits of Real Estate Investment

Here’s the link:

Good Investing,