Brian Murphy


Too Early For Taxes?

If you own real estate, you get some nice tax deductions… and here’s an interesting article about that very topic.

house hacking

Are You Into House Hacking?

Here’s a great article on house hacking… and some examples of people who are doing it! The big question is… is it for you?

Real Estate Investing

Is Real Estate Investing Right For YOU?

“What does it take to go full-time as a real estate investor?” It’s simple to do… and even beginner investors can find success. But don’t mistake simple with easy.

Inspiration For 2019…

This is a great story about one investor and how he bought a $1.5 million property. Seriously, if you can’t get excited about scooping up a $1.5 million commercial property, why are you reading this blog?

mobile homes

Money In Mobile Homes?

When it comes to investing in real estate… I never thought of mobile homes. I found a post about getting started in mobile home investing.